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How to Keep Cool In the Heat.

My extremely rare grumpy moments (just don’t verify this with my husband) often occur when I am hot and bothered. Last week, a cold morning led to a beautifully hot day and I cursed the fact that I was boiling on a bus wearing trousers and a jacket made from a heavy fabric. If you work in a formal environment it can be extremely tricky to create a summer look that keeps you cool but still looks smart. If you are struggling to do this and would like a hand then please give me a call. To help you here is an outfit I put together as part of a presentation last week, along with some key tips to avoid any hot, grumpy moments – it’s not just me, is it?:-

Prints and Patterns

Printed skirts are having a moment which is fantastic news as they flatter most body shapes and keep you cool. Also, patterned fabrics are less likely to show perspiration so choose a printed top for times when you know you’ll feel the heat. The skirt in the outfit is made from a seersucker fabric which is light weight but not clingy so there is no need for a lining – another bonus  and you’ll find out why below.


Natural fibers such as cotton, linen and silk allow the skin to breathe and keep you cool. Beware of any clothes that are made of natural fabrics but have polyester or synthetic linings as these will make you sweat more. Many brands do this because it reduces the cost of the garment but it’s worth paying the extra price for a breathable cotton lining.


The right shoes, handbag and jewellery will make all the difference and give the outfit a summer feel. Heavy, dark accessories can ruin the most beautiful summer dress. I would suggest having a pair of smart summer flats or wedges to hand, as heels can be very uncomfortable when it is extremely hot. The bright earrings and shoes in this outfit demonstrate that point perfectly, dark shoes would completely change the look from summer to autumn.

Stockist – Skirt, Top Shop. Top, Mango. Shoes, Top Shop. Earrings, Anthropologie

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The Summer Shoe Edit

As a 40 (cough) something year old woman with, what I’ll politely refer to as, solid legs, I do have to take extra when choosing summer shoes. Winter pins can be disguised with jeans and opaque tights but you can’t, and arguably shouldn’t, keep legs under wraps in the summer. For this reason, I do struggle with some of the less feminine sandal styles around at the moment – see above image of furry Birkenstocks. I love them on the cool crowd but when I try them on my legs resemble Stuart Pierce’s circa Euro ’96. My summer shoe edit therefore, won’t be featuring any of these or crocs and flip flops for that matter.

Slip Ons

These shoes nail the red suede and fringing trend. Guaranteed to add glamour to any outfit. I love the idea of wearing these with a silk floral dress.

& Other Stories


These are great for adding a bit of extra height and elongating the leg whilst being more comfortable than heels. For this reason they would work well with shorts and midi skirts/dresses.

Castaner at Matches


A favorite style of mine as I can avoid showing my feet which is good news for everyone around me really. These look great with cropped trousers and jeans.


Cross Overs

There are so many different versions of this style on the high street from glamorous metallic ones to casual sporty styles. If you do have ‘solid’ legs like mine a style with a wedge or platform sole would be more flattering than one that is completely flat.

Top Shop


They have come a long way from their Kate Middleton heyday. In fact, Vogue online have just featured their top 10 espadrilles this season which included a pair by Dolce and Gabanna at £485! These ones are a snip at £50.

Soludos at FarFetch

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The Best Dressed Guest – Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Summer Event Outfit

To ensure you look your best at your summer event, whether you are going to Ascot, a Christening or a wedding, take a look at my top 3 don’ts for your do:-

1. Don’t Wear Uncomfortable Shoes
Don’t be tempted to wear shoes that pinch and convince yourself that ‘it’s okay as I won’t be walking far.’ During the day you will be doing lots of standing and, if the mood takes you, maybe even some dancing. Kicking off uncomfortable shoes and scuffling from an event bare foot at the end of evening will not be your finest look. We’ve all been there!

2. Don’t Ignore Ill-Fitting Garments
It doesn’t matter how much you spend on an outfit, if it doesn’t fit properly your efforts will be wasted. Sometimes there is no magic solution off the peg and unless you are buying couture, I would advise you to make friends with your local tailor/seamstress. A sleeve, hem or waistline altered to fit correctly will make all the difference.

3. Don’t Forget about the Importance of Accessories
I would go as far as to say that this is the most important of the 3 tips and will make or break an outfit. This is the time to be bold and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Don’t forget, you will be able to use them long after the event has finished. The bag, shoes and earrings in the outfit I have put together below would complete any look.

I’ve splashed out on a statement skirt and kept the rest of the pieces at a reasonable price. The beauty of this outfit is that all the pieces can be worn again separately. It is so easy to spend a huge amount on a dress you’ll only wear once. I’ve been guilty of this and I’ve seen these barely worn pieces in tones of wardrobes – it’s painful to look at them! Next time you shop for an occasion think about choosing versatile pieces you will wear again. It will save you lots of time, money and pain in the long run!

Stockist – Jacket, Top Shop. Floral top, Mango. Earrings, Mango. Shoes, Asos. Skirt, Essential Antwerp. Bag, & Other Stories

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The 3 Best Statement Sleeve Tops Across the Price Points

If you haven’t done so already, it is definitely the time to inject a little bit of Spring into your wardrobe. Now is the time to pack up the jumpers and coats (well, most of them, given the chill in the air today) and do an inventory of your long forgotten spring clothes. It is at this point that you may ask yourself what on earth you wore last year as you cast your eye over your old spring outfits! Fear not, if you feel uninspired with your current wardrobe just adding in one new item will give the other pieces a whole new lease of life.

One of the key trends for this season is the statement sleeve; coming in all fabrics, colours and shapes, they are a brilliant way to update any wardrobe whether the occasions is formal, casual or even special . Here are my top 3 styles across the price points:-

Steal: The Ruffle Wrap

This blouse will give your current navy and black trousers a whole new twist. Thus creating a perfect outfit to take you to the office and beyond.


Spree: The Lace Ruffle

Lace is one of the key fabrics this season so this blouse nails two trends in one. The sequin part of this look is actually a separate camisole but if sequins aren’t your thing you can team this blouse with any colour underneath that takes your fancy. A midnight blue camisole would look amazing.

& Other Stories

Beans for Dinner: The Cold Shoulder Ruffle

OK, so this blouse may not be appropriate for the office but it is a fabulous style to dress up with a skirt for glamorous occasions or wear with jeans when less formal attire is required.

Self Portrait

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March Trend Edit – How to Work Pink

Pink is a colour I’ve always quite liked except when overloaded with it during my daughter’s Disney Princess period ,thankfully now passed. The fashion magazines are hailing it as one of the colours of the season and the high street is full of it. If you’re thinking, ‘How can a grown women wear pink without looking like Barbara Cartland or indeed a Disney Princess?’ please read on. It really is the perfect colour to take you from winter to spring as it will add a fresh twist to any outfit – much needed after the dull winter months. There are a huge amount of different shades around and there is a shade that suits all skin tones. I’ve put together two outfits below to show how one versatile piece can be used for a work and casual outfit thereby making your pounds go further.

Stockist: Blouse, & Other Stories. Jeans, Top Shop, Cardigan, Cos. Trainers, Office. Culottes, Warehouse. Shoes, Cos. Handbag,

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The Long Sleeve Pretty Dress

It’s never too early to inject a little bit of spring into your winter wardrobe

We can’t change the weather but we can relieve some of the dullness of a bleak mid winter. Just one new item of clothing will make all the difference to your sartorial style and general well being. This is one spring trend that will do just that. I have bypassed bra tops worn over shirts and 80’s glam (yes really!) in favour of something I’m coveting; the long sleeve, pretty dress. Here is my selection of the best ones across the price points.


From left to right. Pink poppy dress, Warehouse Meadow dress, & Other Stories  Patchwork ‘Tllly’ dress, Rixo .

If you would like some help to update your wardrobe please get in touch .

Winter Warmers For December

Chunky knits are, without a doubt, one of the hottest styles around at the moment and let’s face it we could all do with some heat during this cold snap. All you need is a pair of cropped jeans and ankle boots for a stylish, contemporary outfit. For extra fashion points (and warmth) layer a long white shirt underneath. They also make the perfect gift..if you can bear to give it away once you have it in your possession!

Here are my top 3 across the price points:-


Knit for All

Not strictly a cable knit but at just £14.99 I’m not complaining! It also comes in three other colours.



Knit For The Many

I love the clever design of this jumper which uses different cable sizes. The beautiful soft nude colour compliments most skin tones too. Fairly reasonably priced at £55.

Top Shop


Knit For The Few

It is not surprising that a Danish brand creates such a gorgeous, cosy jumper. There is no getting away from the £280 price tag but if you calculate cost per wear over the next 20 years it may well be worth it!


If you would like some help to choose your perfect jumper or anything else for that matter please get in touch.

Party Wear Outfit Inspiration.

If you are tired of the skinny jeans or black trousers and a sparkly top look, read on. I present the sparkly bottom, or otherwise known as gold lame trousers – yes really! In my quest to find something that works for my informal Christmas drinks do I stumbled across these. Surprisingly flattering, they look great on most body shapes. They are also extremely easy to co-ordinate as you only need a simple, plain top to make a fabulous outfit – they do all the hard work. I’ve teamed them here with a plain ivory top but they would also work with a black top and even a white poplin shirt. For the same reason, I’ve kept the rest of the accessories low key and chosen patent flat shoes because, well, life is too short not to be able to dance the night away!

Stockists: Metallic trousers, Top Shop. Coat, Top Shop, Ivory top, Mango. Beaded bag, Zara. Earrings, Top Shop. Shoes, & Other Stories

Tedx Whitehall Women


I had the pleasure of attending this amazing event which was hosted at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office by Simone Roche and her team. It was a great day of inspirational ideas, thought provoking speakers and brilliant performers, as well as being a chance to meet like-minded people. Make sure you book your ticket early for next year!

metedx2 texsqbs

Wrap up In Style and October News

If you are in the market for a winter coat then you had better get your skates on. According to some fashion gurus or other notable anonymous fashion people, you have already missed the boat as you should have bought it in August! Personally, I think that’s a bit of a ruse made up by retailers to boost sales. As we are now in October though, I can safely say that now IS the right time to buy.
According to a recent article in the online Telegraph, black is the colour most pinned on Pinterest. That’s a shame when there are so many wonderful colours and fabrics available. Coats are the article of clothing that you wear most days throughout the winter and choosing to wear a black coat can make you invisible. A move away from black to a stylish pattern or rich colour is guaranteed to make you feel great even when the elements are against you. It’s also a sure fire way to stand out in the crowd and that has to be a good thing.

Here are my top 3 coat trends and a sneaky jacket to help you wrap up in style:-


Leopard Print
A glamorous edition to any wardrobe. You can’t help but look chic in leopard print even if you’re wearing scruffy jeans underneath.


You’ll always look well turned out in a military style coat – sorry! Khaki is one of the colours of the season so you can nail two trends in one.


Tweeds and Checks
The heritage look is everywhere on the high street and there is a huge amount of quality fabrics and timeless styles to choose from. Look out for large checks and bold colour tweeds too.


The Puffa
Yes, really! Hilariously called ‘Luxe Sport’ by some of the fashion press. They are practical, warm and extremely useful – enough said.

Stockists – Leopard print – River Island, Military Coat – Stradivarius, Tweed Coat – Zara, Puffa – Mango

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