Back to Work and Work Styling

Stepping back into the workplace after a break can be daunting, as can promotion (aiming for and gaining), changing job roles and moving from a formal environment to a casual one. Feeling confident in how you look is a vital part of getting yourself prepared, not least because your image projects a visual message to your colleagues. Having a de-cluttered and stylish wardrobe means that not only will you look great but will also save you precious time in the mornings.

The session will start with a personal style consultation which can be held in the comfort of your own home or venue of choice. You’ll have been given a questionnaire to fill in beforehand, and during the consultation we’ll talk through your answers and discuss your needs and lifestyle. The session will cover:-

1. How to dress for your body shape - understanding your shape, what works for you and what to avoid.
2. An appraisal of your current work wardrobe - discussing if the contents flatter you, are now out of date or can be worn in your new role. We can also select interview outfits so you have one less thing to worry about.
3. Discuss the image you would like to project in your work and match this with your own personal style, whether you are returning to your previous job, changing jobs or going from a corporate environment to starting your own business.
4. Finally, we will run through wardrobe management and shopping tips - these are practical tips to help you achieve your own style in the future. Most important of all they are designed to ensure you look great and feel confident when you return to work.

Our 'Back To Work Gold' package combines the standard service with a Wardrobe Refresh and Personal Shopping session. After our initial consultation we would edit your entire wardrobe, clearing out the styles that no longer work for you and leaving you with a wardrobe that is a de-cluttered and exactly suited to you.

We will then hit the high street. We'll pull together a range of clothes to suit your body shape, budget and job role. You don’t even have to leave the changing room if you don’t want to! You’ll be given an honest opinion of what works best for you and together we will build a stylish, contemporary and practical work wardrobe.

Having been in this situation myself, I understand how difficult it can be when you return to the workplace after a break. Even a brief maternity leave can result in us feeling out of step with current workplace dress codes, not to mention lack of time to shop and dealing with changes in your body shape. Within just a few hours I can help you put together a capsule wardrobe that is both stylish and practical.

Price: Is dependent on your individual requirement. Please contact me to discuss

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