New Mum Styling

At Queen Bee Styling we understand from first hand experience how easy it is to neglect your appearance when coping with the demands of a family. Your body shape can change and you may feel out of step with fashion. Maybe you have a wardrobe full of clothes that do not meet the demands of your new lifestyle. Rediscovering your confidence and sense of style can seem daunting but we are here to help.

We’ll start with an in depth personal style consultation to assess your exact needs. You’ll have been given a questionnaire to fill in beforehand, and during the consultation we’ll talk through your answers and work out what suits your needs and lifestyle. We’ll cover the basics of style, colour, fabric and body shape, and use some of your own clothes to show you what works best for you.

Next it’s a personal shopping session with Sally. We’ll put together a capsule wardrobe for you that is stylish, practical and suits your lifestyle needs and budget. You’ll also get lots of handy style tips on accessorising and maintaining your wardrobe.

Our 'New Mum Gold' package includes all of the above along with a Wardrobe Refresh. This way we clear out all the dead wood from your wardrobe before we hit the shops. I will also write a list of additional pieces to make outfits from the clothes left. You'll be left with a de-cluttered, organised wardrobe that is completely suited to your new lifestyle

Being a mum of two myself, I discovered on my first maternity leave that not much of my wardrobe was suitable for my new lifestyle. My collection of smart dresses and heels were not very useful for pushing a pram in the local muddy park! To stop myself feeling like a frumpy mum, I put together a casual capsule wardrobe that was both stylish and practical, all within a fairly small budget. I can't pretend it increased the amount of sleep I had at night but at least I felt a lot better about myself in the day time!

Price: Is dependent on your individual requirement. Please contact me to discuss



New Mum Styling