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Party wear inspiration- what to wear if you’re tired of jeans and a nice top.

I’m still waiting for a ‘black tie’ invitation that requires me to purchase a new posh frock. My Christmas events are less formal affairs nowadays so in the interest of economising, I’m upgrading one key piece that will work with the items I already have in my wardrobe. The money saved can pay for the Prosecco! Whilst I am a massive fan of jeans and a sparkly top for my usual nights out out, I feel the need to up my game a bit at this time of year. There are a huge amount of gorgeous alternatives to jeans and a sparkly top in the shops at the moment that fill this brief perfectly. Choose the right one for you and they will add a new twist to your party wear. More sparkle, less denim and one new piece is my magic formula and here are my 3 key pieces……

Sparkly Bottoms

I love the way this whole outfit is styled from the logo t-shirt to the pop of colour from the shoes. The trousers can also be dressed up for a more formal look so they are ideal for any occasion.

Trousers from Top Shop

Statement Earrings

Pat Butcher would be having a field day with some of the earrings on the high street at the moment. I’m a massive fan as they are an inexpensive way to add a contemporary twist to any evening outfit or a daytime one if you’re feeling bold.

Earrings – Mango

Bold Boots

I can vouch for the fact that silver boots work with everything as my own pair are completely worn out. If silver isn’t your colour there are tonnes of other colours from which to choose, from brightly coloured jewel tones to every shade of metal.

Boots – Zara

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Have a fun November!

Sally x

‘I first met Sally a few years ago through a mutual friend at work and ended up hosting a ‘styling evening’ which Sally ran for a group of my friends. It was a really fun evening – we provided the fizz and Sally got everyone thinking about styles that might suit them and, more importantly, that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to build a decent wardrobe….read on’

All ‘Back to Work’ and No Play.

Autumn seems to have arrived very swiftly this year and along with it a huge array of fashion articles with ideas for our ‘back to work’ formal wardrobes. Of course, I am wholeheartedly in support of updating formal wear at this time of year. It is however, important not to overlook the rest of our wardrobes and life outside of work.

Nowadays, smart casual attire is becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives. We require this middle ground look for everything from the school run, informal drinks, working from home and for offices that have a relaxed dress code – let’s not forget ‘dress down (but not too far down) Friday’. I could go on but you get my drift! Moving from jeans and a jumper to a contemporary, well put together outfit can be a struggle. I meet many women (and men) for which this is a major issue. It can be easier to concentrate on formal looks and avoid this challenge but I passionately believe that we should feel great in every part of our day-to-day wardrobes whether it’s for work, rest or play.

If you are someone that struggles to find the right outfit for those times when you want to look effortlessly chic and modern but not too formal, take note of my top 5 tips below:-

1. Mix it up!
The most important element is to mix smart and casual items together e.ga blazer and smart blouse with jeans, or a dress with boots or trainers. There is a massive trend for checked blazers at the moment and these look fabulous teamed with jeans and a crisp white shirt or slogan t-shirt. See below for my pick of the best three styles across the price points.
2. Get the basics right.
If, like me, you are a lover of jeans then ensure you continually update and refresh the style you wear. Likewise, this theory works for trousers, jackets and coats too. If you push yourself out of your comfort zone on these basic items they will give a new lease of life to the rest of your wardrobe.
3. Don’t forget the accessories.
A cool pair of shoes, scarf or earrings can make all the difference to an outfit and there are plenty of great new styles around this season. You can find everything from metallic boots to red suede shoes on the high street right now – go on I dare you!
4. There’s no Sunday best.
Don’t save the best clothes for high days and holidays. Wear your special items on a regular basis as you deserve to feel special every day. Clearly, I’m not talking about a ball gown but a smart blouse or pair of shoes should not be confirmed to occasional wear.
5. Don’t ‘make do’.
It is very easy to think that smart/casual outfits don’t matter or are frivolous to requirements. Whatever your role is don’t ‘make do’ with the same old clothes. Why shouldn’t you feel great everyday and wear clothes that you really love? You don’t need to spend a fortune and just a little bit of time and effort can go a long way.

Good luck shopping for your new wardrobe!

Sally x

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A recent review from a client….
‘….I have so many new clothes and even better, lots of outfits, which I love and have had so many lovely comments about. I couldn’t recommend her more highly and I cannot wait until our next shopping trip…read on’

Three of the best checked blazers across the price points

Check Mate

At less than £50 this blazer is excellent value – Zara

Worth Checking Out

This one is 80% wool so will be warm to wear. A useful style to transition from early autumn to winter – All Saints

Checkbook needed

There is no getting away from the price but if you look at cost per wear I’m sure it will pay for itself a few times over! Anine Bing