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Your Spring 2016 Message

I love how the first flowers of spring give a colourful glimmer of warmer days to come. After the drab greys of winter, a bright, (nearly) warm day, highlights the vibrancy of the colours around us and are a welcome arrival. For many of us it signals a time to refresh our wardrobes and I’m often asked ‘What I should be wearing this season’ more than any other time of year. I usually reel off a list of trends but this really isn’t the right answer.

What you wear should be based on your own individual style and bodyshape. Whilst it is important to update your wardrobe, most of us want to aim for a contemporary rather than trendy wardrobe. The clothes you choose to wear are your individual identity. They communicate a message to the people around us, whether we are conscious of it or not. As the season of renewal, spring is a good time to reflect on what your message is. If you are feeling positive about your image then the chances are you will feel positive inside too. If not, the opposite could be true.

If you feel that your message is a bit tired, then adding in just one new item can have a huge effect. Below, is my list of key pieces for this season. They are not based on trends so much as being useful pieces that will breathe life into any tired wardrobe. I would urge you to choose one today and most importantly, have fun with it – it beats sorting out your tax any day!

In order of appearance, not importance:-
1. Citrus – can be a top, trousers or in this case, a coat from Zara
2. Off the shoulder top – no matter what size you are this is usually the slimmest part of the body. Whistles
3. Pleated skirt – versatile style that looks just as good with trainers as heels. Zara
4. Metallic shoes – can be heels, boots, flats or sandals – whatever style, they add guaranteed sparkle to any outfit. Office
5. Wide leg trousers – they are back! Cos

Don’t forget it’s Mother’s day on March 6th. If you would like to treat that special person in your life or better still be treated yourself, please contact me.

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