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Top Tips to Help You Back to Work by Annabel of AC Executive Coaching

Top Tips to Help you Back to Work – By Annabel Cowley of AC Executive Coaching

Our guest post this month is written by Annabel Cowley of AC Executive Coaching. Annabel is a mother of two young children who has 20 years HR experience. Now an accredited coach, having trained at the Academy of Executive Coaching, she has decided to utilise her skills and knowledge through her own coaching business. As a working mum she has seen at first hand the challenges of trying to balance a career with family life and is passionate about helping individuals reach their personal and career potential.

A warm welcome to all local mums and dads reading this article. Sally and I are joining forces for our first event for local mums’ at The Florence on 14th October when I will provide support to all those uncertain about returning to work from maternity leave or simply needing support during a transition phase into a new career.  For some mums it’s a no brainer if you have a job to return to and once you’ve added up the costs of childcare but for others it’s an opportunity to review your old career and consider if it still makes you happy or whether to use this time to look at other avenues.  I can support you in bringing these ideas to fruition whilst adding structure and time management to your planning.

Here are my top tips to get you started:

Update your CV!

There will be plenty of templates out there for you to google… I always suggest keeping it to 2 pages with a small bio under your name to attract people to read more. When writing a cover letter with your CV try and find the name of the person that will be interviewing you rather than “Dear Sir/Madam”.


The very word might make you shiver … but it is often who you know in this world. The power of the local mum network never ceases to amaze me and all the amazing jobs they do so keep connecting, collaborating and inspiring!

Work experience

If you’re planning to follow a new career path it’s worth considering some voluntary work with your chosen employer if they are open to it.  A few hours a week could make all the difference and you never know, it could lead to paid employment once the networking begins!

Social media

There is no escaping the digital world these days. We need to get on board with it and when you do there is no end of possibilities and opportunities!  If you do find yourself struggling with your skype, Instagram and Linked In this might be the right time to brush up on your skills.  Local colleges often run evening courses to help you get on your way …. Or even a local student could I’m sure help out!

If you are interested in hearing more on this please do come to our or if you’d like a complimentary chemistry meeting with me to discuss how coaching might benefit you do please get in touch.  My bio is below for your interest.

annabel@acexecutivecoaching.com  or +44 (0)7966 530137.